Assembled in Boise

Boise Ikea Delivery
Welcome to Assembled in Boise, where IKEA is delivered to Boise. You'll find we are eco-friendly, cheaper to ship than IKEA Direct, and you don't have to leave Boise to get your Poang chair!

Assembled in Boise will drive to IKEA in Salt Lake, pick up your order, and deliver it to you. That is it, simply put.

First, we're eco-friendly. If we drive one truck to IKEA to pickup your order, we probably will have more than just your order in the truck, taking that many vehicles, or more, off the road.

Our pricing is straightforward also. If your order amount, including Utah Sales Tax of 6.85% is LESS than $999.99, we charge 30%. If your order amount is over $1,000, we charge 25%. If you're interested to know what IKEA will charge to deliver to you, go ahead and check it out at the IKEA Direct shipping page.

Ikea delivered to Boise Idaho

Because we're delivering, you don't have to leave Boise, take a day off from work, wade through a sea of people that find themselves in IKEA, and then drive back.

To know when we're heading to IKEA, like our Facebook page and you'll get all of the updates there.

IKEA is a registered trademark. Assembled in Boise is an independent service and is not in any way affiliated with IKEA.