Ordering Instructions

The goal when ordering is to make a shopping list using IKEA's online Shopping List feature (NOT the Shopping Cart feature) and then e-mail that shopping list to Assembled in Boise. We'll take your shopping list to IKEA and use it to shop for your goodies! Your shopping list will also be used to make a PayPal invoice for you.

It's as easy as 1-2-3...

First, go to www.ikea.com and find the products that you would like to order. For each item you want us to deliver, click on the "Save to list" button. IKEA will then save your item to its shopping list feature.

After you have added all your products to the shopping list, click on the "My shopping list" link.

Confirm that your order is complete with all the items and quantities you selected.  (Note: The total does not include Utah sales tax of 6.85% or your delivery fee.)

Once your order is complete, click on the "E-mail" button. This e-mail button is how we'll end up with your IKEA order.

Careful! You might be tempted to click that blue "Buy Online" button on the right. If you do, you may end up ordering through IKEA, paying IKEA more than you'd hoped, and you may not receive all the items you expected as IKEA does not ship all items found online.

After you click the "E-mail" button, a window will pop up. Fill in all the information fields requested.

Make sure that "Your preferred store" is set to "UT, Draper."

Add your own e-mail in the "Your e-mail address:" and we'll send your PayPal invoice to this e-mail address.

in the "Message:" box, please be sure to include :
Your Name
Delivery Address 
Contact Phone Number

Also, let us know if you'd like our additional assembly service in the "Message" box.

Add assembledinboise@gmail.com in the "Recipients e-mail:."

By completing this pop up box you'll be sure to send your list in a pdf file to assembledinboise@gmail.com.

Click the "Send" button at the bottom of the box and your shopping list will arrive in our inbox!.

As long as you've added assembledinboise@gmail.com in the "Recipients e-mail,' we'll have your order!

Once we have your order we'll send you a PayPal invoice.

Again, please remember to include your name, delivery address, and a contact phone number.

Your PayPal invoice will arrive in about a day or so. Be sure to pay your PayPal invoice before the trip or else your IKEA goodies might not make it on the truck.

If you don't receive an invoice within a couple of days, it's likely that we're either on a trip to IKEA or are still recovering from overdoing the famous IKEA Swedish meatballs and drinking too much lingonberry juice!

We'll see you on delivery day!
IKEA is a registered trademark. Assembled in Boise is an independent service and is not in any way affiliated with IKEA.