Ordering Instructions

The goal when ordering is to make a shopping list using IKEA's online Shopping List feature (NOT the Shopping Cart feature) and then e-mail that shopping list to Assembled in Boise. We'll take your shopping list to IKEA and use it to shop for your goodies! Your shopping list will also be used to make a PayPal invoice for you.

It's as easy as 1-2-3...

First, go to www.ikea.com and find the products that you would like to order. For each item you want us to deliver, click on the "Add to shopping list" button. IKEA will then save your item to its shopping list feature.

After you have added all your products to the shopping list, click on the Paper and Pencil shopping list button/icon.

Confirm that your order is complete with all the items and quantities you selected.  (Note: The total does not include Utah sales tax of 7.25% or your delivery fee.)


The basic idea of this step is to save your list and e-mail it to assembledinboise@gmail.com.

Once your shopping list is complete, you'll want to e-mail us your shopping list as an e-mail attachment. A .PDF file is the best way for us to receive your order. We can also use screenshots as long as it shows the quantities and article numbers of the items on your order. Please be sure to include your Name, Phone number, and Delivery address.

If you'd like a little help with saving your list as a .PDF file, then read on, otherwise, skip to Step 3.

Now, let's save your shopping list!

One easy way to save your IKEA shopping list is to pretend like you're going to print the shopping list you see on your computer screen.  Either right click your mouse, OR press CTRL+ P , OR File>Print , OR or whatever steps you take to pull up your print screen window. You might see something like this:

Next, change the Destination from your printer's name to "Save as PDF".  Now, click "Save" and save this file to your computer.

Next go to your e-mail account and create and e-mail to assembledinboise@gmail.com. Then attach the new file. Cick your email's Send button and we'll receive your order!

Once we have your order we'll send you a PayPal invoice.

Again, please remember to include your name, delivery address, and a contact phone number.


Your PayPal invoice will arrive in about a day or so. Be sure to pay your PayPal invoice before the trip or else your IKEA goodies might not make it on the truck.

If you don't receive an invoice within a couple of days, it's likely that we're either on a trip to IKEA or are still recovering from overdoing the famous IKEA Swedish meatballs and drinking too much lingonberry juice!

We'll see you on delivery day!
IKEA is a registered trademark. Assembled in Boise is an independent service and is not in any way affiliated with IKEA.