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If your city is not listed in the drop down list, ask us for a quote to deliver to your city.

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Boise Ikea Price Shipping Price
The cost to deliver IKEA to your front door is as follows:

$999.99 = 30% of the cost
$1,000.00 = 25% of the cost
$4,000.00 = 20% of the cost
Minimum delivery charge of $20.00

Your order total is the total of all the goods you purchase plus applicable sales tax, which is 7.25%.

Example 1:  If your purchase is $500 worth of merchandise + $36.25 (7.25% Applicable Sales Tax) = $536.25 + $160.87 (Shipping cost) = $697.13 total cost

Example 2:  If your purchase is $1100 worth of purchases + $79.75 (7.25% Applicable Sales Tax) = $1175.35 + $294.94 (Shipping cost) = $1470.29

For orders outside of Boise and Meridian, a delivery surcharge may apply. If your city is not listed, ask us for a quote. Orders over $1,000 outside of Boise and Meridian may be eligible for a surcharge reduction.

Eagle ID: $15.00     
Kuna ID: $25.00
Emmett ID: $35.00
Nampa ID: $25.00
Caldwell ID: $30.00
Mountain Home ID:  Please contact us about Mt Home delivery
Star ID:  $25.00

Standard Assembly Service

Standard assembly rates apply only for common houshold furniture items: Sofas, side tables, beds, dressers, etc.  

"Assembled in Boise" is our name... So, if you'd like us to assemble your IKEA order we'll be happy to do so after delivery! 

Just let us know that you'd like an appointment for our assembly service when you place your order. If you decide you'd like a little help after delivery - we'll arrange a time and be right over! 

Our assembly rates cover 2 assembly technicians:
First Hour:                $80.00 (1 hour minimum) 
Next 1 - 15 minutes: $20.00 

Note: All SEKTION and kitchen related assembly and installation costs are NOT covered in our standard assembly rates. Please email for an installation quote for your kitchen project.

IKEA is a registered trademark. Assembled in Boise is an independent service and is not in any way affiliated with IKEA.